5 Tips to improve your Front Crawl

20th September 2017

One of the greatest problems with learning to swim efficiently is the front crawl head turn. Whether you’re an adult wanting to compete in a triathlon or a child learning the strokes, this helpful post should be of use.

Many of us stereotypically want to learn front crawl because it is the fastest stroke and it looks cool. We’ve all been in a position where you see someone doing front crawl and you just think ‘I want to be able to do that’. The person doing front crawl makes it look so effortless however when you try it, you end up thrashing our arms scaring everybody else around you. Or are you that person who struggles to breath to side and ends up swallowing half of the pool every time you attempt a breath. Or finally can you manage a length or two and after that you are burnt out, struggling for a rest period.

Nevertheless, you’re here because you want to learn, improve and develop your ability to perform front crawl:

My swimming top tips should help complement your experience.

  • Body Position – Flat looking downwards & forwards.
  • Leg Kick – Flutter kick with small splashes.
  • Arm Action – Pull towards and then push away using palms and fingers.
  • Breathing to the side – Rest your ear on your should and look to the side.
  • Timing – Start with breathing to one side before progressing to both.

Watch the video above for more tips.

So there you have it, 5 top tips as to why we believe these top tips will help you. Don't believe us? Then give it a try, we would love to have you in the pool.