Basic Rescues!

20th June 2018

What is Drowning Prevention Week?

This week the RLSS (Royal Life Saving Society) are campaigning to create awareness to help promote drowning prevention.

There are currently 700 deaths related to drowning each year here in the U.K, that equates to one person in every 20hrs suffering from a fatality in the water.

Why is Drowning Prevention Week important?

It's even more surprising that only 1 in 3 children leave primary school each year being able to swim 25m, perform a self-rescue, and demonstrate all four stroke to meet the curriculum standards for swimming.

Another shocking fact is that drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death here in the U.K within children.

How can we help reduce Drowning?

To help reduce these statics and help promote swimming as an essential life skill we deliver swimming lessons to all ages and abilities.

We believe that everyone has the right to learn how to swim.

We hope that you share our belief and the importance of learning how to swim.

Who can part take in Drowning Prevention Week?

As a parent you have a moral obligation to ensure that your child is taught how to swim.

This will allow them to be safe and confident in and around water.

There are many ways you can help reduce the likelihood of your child being in a position of danger in the water.

It's staggering to know that two thirds of parents fear that their child would not be able to save themselves from difficulty in the water.

Where can you find more information?

We have produced a short video to help encourage children to learn how to perform 4 basic rescues that could potentially save a life.

To make it safe, fun, and exciting we have safety considerations, challenges, and games to play.

The idea being that children play, practice, and perfect the skills in a structured environment so they become skilled in case of a real life scenario.

Swimming Lessons:

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