Learn to swim with 5 exciting games

6th September 2017

Learning to swim can be an everlasting memorable experience, whether good or bad we all remember how we learnt to swim.

Our mission is to make this process a fun, imaginative, and a safe space for children to learn with parents and instructors.

Gone are the days where you were thrown in the deep end of the pool and been made to sink or swim. Whether it worked or didn’t, we believe that every child’s swim journey should be one engagement and nature.

So here are 5 Games to Learn how to swim!

  • Go Fishing - A simple fetching game to assess their current swim ability.
  • Treasure Hunt – An underwater challenge to collect toys.
  • Speed Boat Race – A great way to work on a flutter kick.
  • Rocket Blast – Push & Glides help with body position and floating.
  • Crocodile Hunt – Encouraging a front paddle arm action.

So there you have it, 5 games to help guide your child through learning how to swim 10m Front Paddle. Let us know how you got on?