Teaching Methods & Tracking Progress

We follow Swim Englands national syllabus and our online portal allows you to view progress you or your child have made.

If you're registered with us, please activate your account by visiting our Home Portal website:


The Overview

When activated, you will need your child's registration number to be able to view your child's swimming lesson information:

The lesson information consists of:

  • Stage of lesson
  • Lesson date and time.
  • Number of swimming lessons paid
  • Lesson start and end dates
  • Badges

The Profile

Each person will have their own personal profile. In this profile you will be able to access the competencies your child will be working towards within their stage.

Our teachers will be assessing your child on a weekly basis using digital devices. Once the lessons have finished you will be able to view the teacher's assessment of your child.

There is a percentage to demonstrate their progress and how much further they have to complete a stage. Once they have achieved 100% your child will be moved onto the next stage.