Swimming Lessons

Ths Swim Specialist provide top quality swimming instructors teaching children and adults to learn to swim.

Group Swimming Lessons

Group Swimming Lessons for Children

Our group swimming lessons are the perfect way for your child to gain water confidence through to stroke technique in the water.

We deliver the Swim England Stages 1-7 which will allow your child to gain recognised certificates and awards.

From never being in the water to being able to demonstrate all the four strokes, our 4yr swim programme will ensure your child leaves a competent swimmer, whilst making new friends along the way.

Shared Swimming Lessons

Shared Swimming Lessons for Children

Our shared swimming lessons are convenient for swimmers who wish to learn how to swim together.

Typically siblings, relatives, or friends that have a similar age or ability. However our swim teachers can tailor the session to meet the individual needs of a swimmer within a shared setting irrespective of their age or ability.

Shared lessons eradicate parents waiting around for each child's swimming lessons without compromising the swimmers progress.

Private Swimming Lessons for Children

Private Swimming Lessons for Children

Our private lessons allow the swim teacher to tailor each swimming lesson to meet the individual needs of the swimmer.

These swimming lessons are perfect for children who prefer devoted attention or as a parent you wish for them to fast-track their progress.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons for Adults

Our private adult swimming lessons allow you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Our swim instructors will create each swimming lesson to help you overcome any obstacles within the learning to swim pathway.

These swimming lessons are ideal for adults who would like to learn, develop, or master swimming strokes and aquatic skills.

Swimming Pool Locations & Course Information


74 Whitehall Rd, Drighlington, BD11 1NB


Cedar Court, Wakefield, WF4 3QZ


Sandal Castle Primary, Wakefield, WF2 6AU

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