Terms & Conditions

Welcome to The Swim Specialist / Swim Academy. We aim to provide a creative, safe and prosperous swimming environment that builds confidence and natures ability. It is important for all members of our academy to agree and adhere to our Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct detailed below;

1. Swimming Lessons

1.1 The Swim Specialist offer a group lessons throughout the year. Each lesson is tailored to every individual’s needs and progression interests.

1.2 Lessons types available are venue specific and can depend on the agreement for renting the facility.

1.3 The Swim Specialist reserves the right to discontinue any lessons provided they give all customers at least one calendar months’ notice of the discontinuation.

1.4 The Swim Specialist reserves the right to increase session costs as per inflation, increased charges for venue hire and other increased expenses. The Swim Specialist will promise to give at least four weeks notice before increasing the prices.

1.5 The Swim Specialist offers the following lessons:

Type of Class:

(swimmers : teacher)

Price per session

30mins slots

Monthly Payment Plan

39wks x price / 12months

(4:1) Group Lessons £16.92 per child per session £54.99 per month
(4:1) Group Sibling Discount £15.38 per child per session £49.99 per month


2. Lesson Size Changes

2.1 The Swim Specialist reserves the right to discontinue any lessons provided they give all customers at least one calendar months’ notice of the discontinuation.


3. Booking Information

3.1 All parents and swimmers must agree and adhere to The Swim Specialist Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct to participate in our swimming lessons which are presented at time of registration.

3.2 By registering your card details on our GoCardless system, customers are agree to the terms stated.

3.3 Customers have the option to opt out of our terms and conditions by withdrawing from the booking process, prior to GoCardless card registration to The Swim Specialist.

3.4 A swimmers place cannot be confirmed unless a card has been registered and a payment plan has assigned to secured the booking. This can be done by registering with our payment plan provider GoCardless.

3.5 Places available at the time of booking are allocated on a first come first served basis. (Please note that demand can be high in term time so prompt enrolment and card registration is advisable).

3.6 The session time offered upon negotiations will only be reserved for 24 hours prior to securing it with a GoCardless registration before offering it to another customer.

4. Medical / Health Issues

4.1 Parents/Guardians of the child to be registered must inform the Swim Specialist of any medical conditions or risks to the child’s health at the time of booking.

4.2 All information received is treated in confidence and with sensitivity.

4.3 By completing our booking process, you, our customer, will have provided any and all relevant information regarding any medical conditions your child might have that may affect their swimming Lessons with us.

4.4 The Swim Specialist trusts that you, the parent/guardian, have sought medical advice to pursue swimming as a form of fitness for your child (where relevant).

4.5 Any swimmers with medical conditions that require medication, must be passed on to any other parent/guardian or carer who might bring your child swimming. This will appear on the medical notes so the teacher is made aware.

4.6 Our swim teachers are trained in basic first aid and lifesaving. The swim teachers will administer first aid if any incidents or accidents arise.

4.7 If any incidents or accidents occur whereby our swim teachers have carried out any form of first aid, they have a legal obligation to complete an incident report form. This might include taking statements from those involved along with any witnesses.

4.8 Accident/Incident report forms will be kept confidential. However all parties involved (swim academy, facility owner, parent/guardian of swimmer) will receive a copy to help reduce the likely-hood of it happening again.

4.9 Failure to inform us of any medical conditions resulting in an incident, will safeguard us from having any reason to have legal action taken against us.

4.10 The Swim Specialist reserves the right to terminate swimming lessons if a teacher (agreed with management) feels the child is too high a risk to be in a swimming lesson. This includes bad behaviours and inability to manage the child during the lesson.

5. Payment Plans:

5.1 During the course of the year The Swim Specialist aims to schedule a minimum of 39 lessons of swim tuition which is term-time.

5.2 A monthly fee will be taken from your account every month to subscribe your child to these term time prescribed swimming lessons, typically 39 lessons per year.

5.3 The cost of your lessons does not total the amount of monthly payments you make. For example, the group lessons are £16.92 per lesson, however the monthly payment plan is only £54.99per month. £16.92 x 39 wks / 12 months = £54.99

5.4 Meaning you pay a fixed sum each month irrespective of how many lessons you take.

5.5 Each customer will typically be at a financial deficit unless they have completed a 12 months from registration, or they have been affected by an un-prescribed pool closure, or teacher absence.

5.6 We introduced the monthly re-occurring payment plan to make it more affordable, accessible, and hassle free for our customers.

5.7 The Swim Specialist will continue to prevent any interruptions to the prescribed schedule of swimming lessons as much as possible. However, please be mindful of unavoidable occasions that will cause a un-prescribed closure or cancellation which is out of the Swim Specialists control. (national lockdowns, maintenance issues, last minute teacher absence)

5.8 On these occasions it will be noted on your account and reflected upon termination when reconciling your account.

5.9 Reconciling your account, is when we calculate how many prescribed lessons you've had, vs how much money you have paid on your account balance. We will then let you know how much money is owed, or how many lesson you have remaining on your account.

6. Payment Dates:

6.1 GoCardless payment plans must be set up within 24 hours once a session time and slot has been agreed and reserved.

6.2 The first payment will be authorised to be taken on the 1st of every month.

6.3 Then the 1st of every month moving forwards.

6.4 Unless you request a specific date to suit your finances.

6.5 Failure to register you card to GoGardless within the 24hr time frame may result in your child's reserved slot being offered to another customer.

6.6 Monthly payments are required to secure the weekly slot allocated for the swimming lesson and not the amount of lessons you take.

6.7 GoCardless will automatically contact you 3 days prior to any payments been taken out of your bank.

6.8 To set up a new GoCardless payment plan please just contact us directly via telephone, email, or social media and we can get this arranged for you.

6.9 Continuation of the monthly payment plan authorises an automatic re-enrolment onto the allocated class until notice to cancel is provided.

6.10 The GoCardless system is Data Protection secure and does not allow The Swim Specialist to bank account details.

6.11 Cash, Cheques or Handheld Payment Terminal's cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

7. Missed Payments:

7.1 Due to charges imposed on us by GoCardless and our Banks, the Swim Specialist, you will incur a one off additional cost of £5.00 for a failed or missed payment.

7.2 If you have a missed payment due to any of the following; insufficient funds, change in bank account details, cancelled payment plan with your bank, you will have 3 working days to resolve.

7.3 The Swim Specialist reserves the right to cancel and remove a child from swimming lessons after the 3rd working day of a missed or failed payment.

7.4 The Swim Specialist reserves the right to cancel and remove a child from swimming lessons if a customer has made three consecutive failed or missed payments.

7.5 Where possible if The Swim Specialist notices an issue with the re-occurring payment plan,The Swim Specialist will endeavour to contact all customers on an individual basis to ensure they do not lose out financially.

7.6 In any event whereby there is a discrepancy with over payments, The Swim Specialist will postpone and delay your monthly payment. This is a form of payment relief and will bring your account balance bank up to where it should be. Alternatively you will be entitled to a refund for any over payment.

7.7 Should a customer cancel a payment plan while they still have an outstanding balance they, and all associated swimmers linked to this account, will no longer be able to swim with us, until payment has been made for any missed months (including any added associated fees), and a new payment plan schedule has been set up.

7.8 Should you cancel your payment plan, The Swim Specialist reserves the  right to take legal action to recover any outstanding costs.

7.9 Should a swimmer wish to re-join in the future and an account has a outstanding balance on from a previously class this must be paid in full before the future classes can be booked.

8. Refunds:

8.1 Refunds will only be issued upon the cancellation of swimming lessons and there is a remaining balance greater than 4 weeks worth of swimming lessons. (We require 4 weeks notice for cancelations)

8.2 The Swim Specialist reserves the right to withhold all funds unless the account is to be consolidated as requested by the customer in the form of a cancelation.

8.3 Refunds will be authorised at the discretion of management for the following:

8.3a If there is a clerical error made by a member of the Swim Specialist admin team.

8.3b Extenuating circumstances deemed relevant for a refund can only be discussed with and authorised by Management.

9. Prescribed / Un-Prescribed Closures:

9.1 The Swim Specialist aims to deliver 39 scheduled lessons throughout the course of the year (term time only). Please be mindful that our prescribed pool closures are site specific. Pool closure dates are available on the Swim Specialist Website.

9.2 These prescribed pool closure dates will also be listed in your welcome email, sent to you during the registration process.

9.3 The Swim Specialist will send a friendly reminder email 1 day prior to all prescribed pool closures.

9.4 An un-prescribed closure refers to an un-planned class cancellation. This could be due to a National or local government lockdown due to pandemic. Teacher Absence if we're unable to provide temporary cover, or a maintenance issue with the facility.

9.5 In the event of a long term closure such as a National Lockdown, the Swim Specialist admin team will freeze all swimming lessons and payments from the earliest cut-off date (this may be up to 7 days after the closure announcement due to GoGardless). The Swim Specialist will advise this date in accordance to information received from the service provider GoCardless.

9.6 Rest assured you will not be charged for any un-prescribed or prescribed pool closures. Upon reconciling your account we will ensure that the cost of lessons prescribed vs the amount of money paid excludes all the cancelled lessons.

9.7 If a payment has been taken at the beginning of the month, and then due to a lockdown there is a series of un-prescribed pool closures. The Swim Specialist will postpone the next following payment as payment relief for the payment received prematurely.

9.8 If you have been negatively affected by three un-prescribed pool closures, we will note your account and postpone your next payment as payment relief.

9. Cancelled Lessons

9.1 Pool closures happen on occasion, and in the event that the swimming lesson has to be closed due to unforeseen circumstances due to natural disasters, health and safety, adverse weather conditions, teacher illness/absence (any others not inclusive) then you will be notified by SMS, Social Media, and the Email provided upon registration. (please check your junkmail)

9.2 The Swim Specialist will always strive to inform all parents as soon as possible. At a minimum we will aim to give at least 1 hour notice prior to the start of the child's swimming lesson. The Swim Specialist does appreciate that late notice can be an inconvenience to our customers and we promise to inform our customers as soon as possible.

9.3 If your contact details change at any point, please notify us immediately so that The Swim Specialist can update the system.

10. Absences:

10.1 If your child is absent during the prescribed lessons you will automatically forfeit that lesson.

10.2 The Swim Specialist reserves the right to remove and cancel a child’s lessons the 4 consecutive absence and after failed attempts to communicate.

10.3 Discretion maybe used during absences caused by mitigating circumstances and/or medical reasons, which must be evidenced with a doctor’s note. These reasons will be logged on the system as planned absence and will not be charged for.

10.4 Lessons missed cannot be rebooked for a different day or time. However, this can be done for extenuating circumstances and depending on suitable availability. Please note this is highly un-likely due to our popular demand. Most of our classes are fully booked.

11. Cancellation Process:

11.1 The Swim Specialist customers have the right to cancel their membership at any point. However, The Swim Specialist requires receipt of 30 day's notice period via Email or telephone call for any cancellations to take effect.

11.2 Any cancellations must be sent to the office email address: [email protected].

11.3 Without notification to cancel, the Swim Specialist will assume the place is still required and therefore will continue with payments as scheduled.

11.4 Cancelation of Payment Plans without formal notification will trigger the cancelation process and the child will be removed from the class immediately, allowing for the account to be consolidated and place made available to prospective customers.

11.5 The Swim Specialist reserves the right to charge customers for lessons unattended until formal notification has been received. If the payment plan has been cancelled and no notification has been received to cancel, lessons will be charged to the end of the month in which the payment plan has been cancelled.

11.6 The Swim specialist reserves the right to terminate membership at any point for mis-conduct or any unsatisfactory behaviour displayed towards any member of the swim specialist staff or their customers.

11.7 Upon termination of lessons The Swim Specialist will consolidate the account by calculating the number of lesson prescribed vs the amount of payments you have made. This is done manually and will be completed on the last day of lessons. An email of the full breakdown will be sent to the customers email address.

11.8 Any remaining balance will be reimbursed, and any outstanding fees will be taken from your account before closure.

11.9 If a customer requests their account to be closed before 39 weeks has completed, the account may show as a debt. This is because the full cost of 39 lessons are split up through 12 equal monthly payments, therefore the monthly payment amount does not cover the full cost of the lessons each month. For more information on our payment plan please watch our Payment plan explained video.

11.10 Any outstanding payments on the account must be cleared within 30 days of receiving the consolidation email. The Swim Specialist reserves the right to take legal action against any customers who ignore or refuse to clear their debts with the Swim Specialist.

12. Waiting Lists

12.1 There are a maximum number of spaces available for participants for each session. Should these reach their full maximum capacity then you will be placed on a waiting list.

12.2 As soon as a place becomes available suitable for you child, you will be contacted via telephone, email or text.

12.3 If The Swim Specialist is not able to confirm this with you within 24 hours then the place will be offered elsewhere and you will re-join the waiting list.

12.4 Please inform The Swim Specialist if you no longer want to be kept on the waiting list.

13. Assessment / Certificate Process

13.1 The Swim Specialist swimmers will be taught the Swim England curriculum from Stage 1- 7.

13.2 Duckling Awards 1-4 are primarily tailored towards children aged 3-4 within our swimming lessons.

13.3 Stages 1-7 will be available throughout all venues, classes and locations.

13.4 The Swim Specialist can only does not accommodate Bronze, Silver, Gold.

13.5 Swimmers are assessed on a continual weekly basis throughout their swimming journey with the swim academy.

13.6 Teachers will be updating all progress made within 48 hours of the latest session.

13.7 Certificates will be awarded at the swim teachers discretion.

13.8 All certificates will be awarded in Certificate weeks identified on the Swim Specialist Website.

13.9 Customers will be notified by email for any achievements and given the opportunity to opt out of payment and receipt of certificate(s) by email (ONLY) to the admin team at: [email protected]. Contact by any other means may not be recorded and acknowledged.

13.10 The Swim Specialist reserve the right to claim a charge for any ordered certificates if no email is received to reject the order.

13.11 Automatic charges will be made the week before certificate week to process the orders.

13.12 Certificates are £5.00 each.

13.13 Certificates will be ordered to the swim teachers, written out by the teachers, and awarded by the swim teachers in the session on certificate weeks.

13.14 If your child is absent on a certificate week, arrangements can be made to have your certificate posted for an extra charge of £1.50. Otherwise, the teacher will hold onto your certificates and give them to you the next time you attend.

13.15 Certificates will not be replaced if lost or damaged after presentation from the swim teachers.

14. Swim Teachers & Staff

14.1 All Self Employed contractors employed by the Swim Specialist are appropriately vetted and assessed through our interview and induction process. All instructors must hold a valid:

  • Level 1 and 2 STA or Swim England Swim Teaching Certificate
  • STA Pool Safety Award for Teachers (SATS) or (RLSS) NPLQ National Pool Lifeguard Qualification
  • FULL DBS Disclosure Barring Service Check
  • Safeguarding Award
  • STA/IOS Membership or individual Public Liability Insurance

14.2 The Swim Specialist pride ourselves on ensuring our swim teachers fully capable and aware of our policies and Health and Safety procedures.

14.3 The Swim Specialist ensures all staff are correctly educated and fit to carry out our (EAP) Emergency Action Plan

14.4 All instructors are required to carry out a visual Risk Assessment of the pool prior to each lesson.

14.6 All instructors are qualified in pool water rescue and basic first aid. Our instructors will promote a safe environment for learning at all times. Where an incident may arise an incident report maybe ask to be completed as part of our legal obligation to record and report accidents.

14.7 The Swim Specialist pride themselves in the ability to have their teachers teach from within the water. This provides a more personal approach to teaching creating a better rapport with the child and also adds that extra safety factor, allowing parents to sit back and relax during the session.

14.8 Swim Teachers have the right to teach outside of the water from poolside if the children can swim 25m un-aided or are working towards Stage 4+.

14.9 All Instructors teaching in the water deeper than 1.2 metres must have a floating aid with them when in the water as a safety precaution.

14.10 All instructors have read and understood our Covid19 Government Guidelines, Health and Safety, GDPR Privacy Policy, Conflict of Interest, and Safeguarding Policy.

15. Behaviour Management

15.1 The Swim Specialist Pride themselves in employing teachers who can deliver a well-structured and manageable lesson. To support teachers with Behaviour Management in their lessons, The Swim Specialist has devised a traffic light behaviour Management policy:

  • Green warning– First time negative behaviour is displayed – Verbal warning from the teacher. This is to highlight poor behaviour.
  • Amber warning – Second time negative behaviour is displayed - Swimmer will be asked to sit on the side for 1 minute and be educated by the teacher. (The aim for the child to be explained why the poor behaviour is a bad idea, and the negative impact it can have on them and other swimmers, The swimmer will be given a choice to continue and follow instruction or leave if they wish to choose to continue mis-behaving).
  • Red warning – Third time negative behaviour is displayed - Swimmer will be asked to get out of the pool and parents will be called over to collect them and terminate their lesson. This is because we cant afford to jeopardise other swimmers or the swim teachers health and safety or learning experience. A follow up discussion will be made by office staff and parent via telephone the next working day to resolve. (Weekdays only).

15.2 The teachers reserve the right to implement these rules as they see fit. By signing your children up to our swimming lessons you are agreeing to these terms.

16. Sickness

16.1 If your child is showing symptoms of, or have been, diagnosed with any kind of infectious disease, The Swim Specialist recommend they do not swim. They must refrain from attending classes until treatment is complete.

16.2 For Health and Safety reasons, The Swim Specialist request your child be clear of any symptoms for 48 hours prior to attendance at class.

16.3 Adults and children must not swim if they have had a diarrhoea or sickness illness in the past 48hrs as advised by the NHS.

16.4 If a swimmer has broken a limb, requires an operation or has a medical reason why they cannot attend the lessons, The Swim Specialist will consider adding a “Planned Absence” onto their account for the required weeks necessary for recovery. A doctor’s note will be required as evidence to proceed.

16.5 Refunds are not given for missed lessons due to sickness, injury or holidays. However, management add the missed sessions as a “Planned Absence” whereby the customer will not be charged for these sessions.

17. Photography / Videography 

17.1 To protect our Swimmers in line with Child Protection and Safeguarding regulations, photography (inclusion camera phones) and video filming are NOT permitted by spectators / parents / guardians during swimming lessons.

17.2 Photographs and videos may be authorised at the discretion of the teacher. The teacher must ensure that they have consent from the parent/guardian and there are no other children or persons in the photo or video.

17.3 The Swim Specialist pride themselves on congratulating and recognising our swimmers achievements using social media (Facebook, Instagram, email Newsletters). Sharing success stories and small wins for children can boost their interaction and self-esteem. Consent to publicise any video or photo content of our swimmers will be required from all parents or guardians before publishing.

17.4 Videos and photos may also be taken by the instructor during the lesson to aid in visual analysis of the swimmers abilities. Teachers are required to ask consent from the parent or guardian before using this method. Teachers are requested by the Swim Specialist to delete all video and photo content as soon as possible if not needed further.

17.5 If parents would like a copy of any footage taken by the teachers, they must ask the teacher to send it via email from the office.

17.6 Teachers are NOT permitted to send any footage to parents directly by any means.

17.7 The Swim Specialist Swim Academy cannot be held liable for the actions of third parties and therefore, excludes to the fullest extent possible by law, any liability arising from a breach of this sections headed ''Photography/Videography'' by any party.

18. Health and Safety

18.1 All users of the swimming pools are to make themselves familiar with the individual pools rules

18.2 Parents/guardians must be over 16yrs+ and are responsible for their children at all times and should not allow them to be unattended at any point.

18.3 Children should always be under the direct supervision of an adult who is not taking part in the lesson and never be left unattended unless they're 8yrs+ getting changed in the changing rooms independently.

18.4 No running on poolside, parents/guardians must monitor their own children during active lessons.

18.5 Swimmers are legal guardian's responsibility until the instructor takes them for their 30 minute lesson.

18.6 If in the event of an incident, The Swim Specialist will conduct a full investigation of the situation and alert the appropriate authorities (if necessary).

18.7 In the absence of any proven negligence, lack of due diligence or breach of duty of care by the instructor(s). The Swim Specialist LLP shall not be held responsible for any personal injury or fatality that may occur during active swimming lessons.

19. Safeguarding

19.1 Professional physical contact between swim teacher and swimmer may occur, to support the swimmer in the water during the lessons. Industry agreed appropriate areas to physically support a child is as follows:

  • Fingers behind ears to support the head
  • Wrist support underneath the arm pits
  • Holding hands and feet to correct movement patterns.
  • Supporting the middle of the back (palms down).

19.2 If a parent feels or witness’s inappropriate physical contact has been made, please report this to our office [email protected] where the appropriate measures will be taken.

19.3 If a child’s arrives to the swimming session by means of a shared lift or with a person who is not a guardian or parent of the child will be sole the responsibility of the parent and not The Swim Specialist.

19.4 Children are NOT permitted to undress or be changed in public areas on pool side at any time during lessons. All customers must use the changing facilities available at the venue.

20. Conflict of Interest

20.1 Relationships between Parent/Guardians and Swim Specialist contractors must stay professional at all times. Teachers and office staff are not permitted to engage in any private contact with customers via social media or swap personal information for means of contact.

20.2 All contact between swim teachers and parents/guardians must be directed through professional means through the office email and telephone number.

20.3 Breach of this, may result in the termination of customers membership and the termination of the Swim Teachers contract.

20.4 If you experience or witness any unwanted or dis-tasteful behaviour from any members of our staff or fellow customers, please have the confidence to report it by contact the admin team directly. [email protected]

21. Complaints / Feedback

21.1 If for whatever reason a customer would like to make a complaint or share feedback, they are encouraged to contact a manager in the office using any of the following options:

21.2 We do ask that you try not to interrupt ongoing classes by speaking to teachers during lessons. In this instance, please contact the office directly, using any means of contact listed above.

21.3 Once contact with has been established, management will conduct an investigation into the complaint and aim to respond within 5 working days to discuss the complaint and hopefully come to a resolution that suits the customer.

21.4 All complaints will be recorded and monitored.

22. Copyright

22.1 All The Swim Speci LLP photography, logos and illustrations are the copyright of The Swim Speci LLP or credited party. Any scanning or reproduction of any of the above without our written agreement will be regarded as being in breach of our copyright and dealt with accordingly.

23. GDPR - Data Protection

23.1 The persons agreeing to these conditions consent to The Swim Specialist / Swim Academy to process personal data provided as a result of enrolment/re-enrolment.

23.2 Personal information will under no circumstances be shared with any third party not deemed essential for operations.

23.3 The information provided by you to The Swim Specialist will only be used for the purposes of processing and administering the swim academy.

23.4 No information is sold or passed on to any third parties without our customer’s explicit consent. The information given to the Swim Specialist (name, contact details, medical conditions etc.) is held securely and only accessible to those who need access to it with the organisation

24.4 Information will be transferred to third party companies to allow us to process bookings. This includes but is not limited to the companies who manage our booking systems, emails, text messages, and electronic payments. These companies are:

  • CAP2 Solutions -  CRM Management System
  • Go-Cardless - Payment Plan Provider
  • Fire Text - SMS Text Provider
  • Mail chimp - Newsletter Provider
  • Office 365 - Cloud Storage
  • Dropbox - Back Up Cloud Storage

 24.5 Other organisations The Swim Specialist work with to ensure compliance with all regional laws (e.g. our accountants,  web developers, HR providers). Only information which is relevant to each organisation will be transferred. For example our HR, Web Developer, and Accountants will not receive swimmers details.

24.6 Swim Teachers only have access to view your child's name, D.O.B, swim ability, and any medical information.

24.7 Swim Teachers DO NOT have access to our customers, home addresses, mobile numbers, emails, or payment plans.

24.8 The processing and storage of all data is entirely optional to all parents, guardians and swimmers, however, without the consent for The Swim Specialist to store and process the information, will result in the swim academy being unable to accept the booking.

24.9 The information obtained will be active on our system for a 4 year period before it will be removed to help those who wish to re-join.

25. Updates

25.1 From time to time The Swim Specialist / Swim Academy may update these terms by sending you either and updated version or notification of minor changes.

25.2 You are free to not accept these changes but The Swim Specialist would ask you to notify us in writing of your non acceptance within 14 days of your receipt, failing which The Swim Specialist will be entitled to treat our agreement with you as being subject to the updated version.

If you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact us.

0113 479 1551

0333 050 0520

[email protected]

Thank you for your custom and cooperation.

Updated: 31st July 2023