Course Dates

Woodhouse Primary, Brighouse, HD6 3SX


  • Children can join the swimming lessons at any time.
  • Re-occuring payments can be set up during the time of booking.
  • You will be paying for the allocation of a slot.
  • You will have access to our homeportal system.
  • Your child's progress will be updated weekly.

Pool Closures (Holidays)

  • 24th July 2023 - 3rd Sept 2023 (6wk)
  •  30th October 23 - 5th Nov 23 (1wk)

  •  25th Dec 23 - 7th January 23 (2wk)

  • 12th Feb 23 - 18th Feb 23 (1wk)

  •  25th March 23 -  7th April 23 (2wk)

  •  27th May 23 - 2nd June 23 (1wk)

  •  22nd July 23 -  1st Sept 23 (6wk)

Weekly Assessments

  • Assessments at the end of each lesson
  • Your child's swimming teacher will update their progress at the end of each swimming lesson. Please allow 24hrs for the data to sync succesffully onto the parents portal. 


Certificates issued every Easter & Summer before the break!

Certificates can also be awarded once your child is ready if theyre an exception in there class and need moving up early.

The certificates will be awarded at the Swim Teachers discretion on an individual case by case basis!

Once your child has demonstrated competency at a stage, stroke distance, or distance. Their swimming teacher will reflect this on the system and you will be notified via email.

The swimming teacher will then order the certificate in for you and award the following week.

You will the be automatically charged £5 per cert via Gocardeless. If you do not wish to claim the certfiicate you can let the swim teacher know or ourselves and we can cancel the order and payment.